Dundas Dining: The Purple Onion

The Purple Onion is a Hindu parable which explains why onions make us cry (so says Google). It’s a bit of a strange moniker for a steakhouse, but so many businesses have taken the name perhaps it’s a moot point (or “moo point” as Joey from Friends would say). And perhaps during dinner hours their steaks are covered in sautéed onions. We went for breakfast, there were no onions involved.

Upon entering we saw that it was almost full. There were only two tables left, a table for two uncomfortably near the door and a booth in the back. Mandi said, “Do you think they’ll let us sit in the booth?” I said, “No, it’s too busy.”

But I was pleasantly surprised to be gingerly asked, as if we’d take offence to the idea, if we’d like to sit in the booth near the back. We said yes and Mandi gloated.

Mandi ordered bacon and eggs, substituting tomatoes for the hash-browns. I couldn’t resist ordering the “bacon platter.” Though I knew it wouldn’t be, I was hoping for a mountainous array of various bacons of the world. Instead it was one more piece of bacon (five) than Mandi got and no eggs. Which is exactly what I wanted anyways. Mandi said her eggs were good. My hash-browns were excellent. Mandi’s toast was “really good” whereas mine was cold as it had to wait for Mandi’s for some reason.

Though it took a while to get to us, the coffee was actually the best we’ve had on the Dundas strip. It outclasses the supposed “real” coffee shops. Though, to be fair, we still haven’t actually had any of the Rebas coffee.

The service and food were both on the high side of good, though not extraordinary. I am definitely interested in seeing what their dinner hours have to offer.

4.5 purples out of 5 onions.



4 Responses to Dundas Dining: The Purple Onion

  1. whopitulia says:

    I nearly choked to death laughing at your posting on the Concourse Restaurant. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to go in there with him for years. I’ll just forward him the link to your blog as it is just as good as being there. Thanks!

  2. Jakob says:

    We’re glad to be of service. Any chance to bolster a person’s argument against braving the Concourse is our good deed for the day, I figure. (The food is actually kind of good). Thanks for reading!

  3. The Smothers Brothers put out a great LP called “Live at the Purple Onion”, my dad had it, and I listened to it a lot as a kid.

  4. MrIIISmith says:

    Purple Onion = best breakfast in the High Park area

    Hands down.

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