Strike schmike + banner bads

» Toronto seems to have entirely acclimatized itself to the garbage strike. I’m sure this is not actually the case (especially if you’re near a temporary dumping site), but on the streets and in the parks there’s hardly any evidence this service isn’t being provided. I heard a theory the other day City Hall forced the strike in order to free up some funds for other projects and, if true, this seems like a well-conceived plan. This was based on the theory the Harris government forced the OPS strike a few years back to save 100-million dollars or some such ridiculous amount. The person, a coworker of mine, voicing these theories was worried we’d be on strike ourselves soon. I’d have to admire the devious pragmatism of such a move on the government’s part. And I’d have some much welcome time off.

» About a year ago I signed up for several dating sites (how I met Mandi) with my hotmail address and I suspect this is the reason I only get dating site banner ads when I log in. Which used to be fine when they were the benign, easily ignored, Lava Life ads. But lately the banners have been increasingly salacious ads by companies like Mate1 which are one wardrobe malfunction away from being porn. It’s making me never want to log in. I wonder if  there’s a settings toggle somewhere I can choose what kind of ads I get. On the other hand, if they changed to Amazon or  banners I might actually be tempted to spend more money there than I already do. So perhaps it’s better, if more uncomfortable, this way.


3 Responses to Strike schmike + banner bads

  1. X says:

    some random dude in our neighbourhood took to duct taping the garbage slots with written notes that read, “The trash is close butt-head.” It was awesome.

  2. X says:

    Yes, i agree. Sage and i are always amazed when we hear the news people say that Toronto is so nasty and smelly. Our area is fine and the garbages are full, but not overfull. Certainly, if we lived near one of those temporary dump sites we would be singing a different tune. I feel bad for those folks.

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