Dundas Dining: Triple Z

The Triple Z is about as bare bones an eating place as you could imagine. It has the general impression of a laundromat only without washers and dryers. That is to say it appears to be a long, empty, blank-walled room with a few tables along the side and a counter near the back. There may have been more decoration but somehow the impression was of a bleak utility room. An impression which makes you question your decision to dine there. But since the Triple Z appears to be rarely open for business (I think this was the first time I’d seen it open), you have to grab the chance when it presents itself.

A woman—perhaps slightly surprised to see us—stepped out from behind the counter and handed us menus with an unexpected variety of West Indian dishes offered. I would have thought from the minimal decor that roti would be the only item available. We ordered the roti and some juice drinks imported from Trinidad. I had a Peardrax (bottled by Pepsi it turns out).

Never having tried roti before, we couldn’t compare it to anything. The curry filling was decent, though mild for my taste. Mandi’s beef was perhaps a little better fit with the spicing than my chicken. I expected the roti bread itself to be more like naan and less like Ethiopian injera. Roti turns out to be somewhere between injera and a tortilla though too delicate to work as a wrap you could hold in your hand. But perhaps it’s not supposed to be like that. As I said, this was our first roti experience. This might have been the worst roti on the planet and we wouldn’t know. It was delicious. If there is better roti I would like to book an appointment to get it into my belly as soon as possible.

We stood up entirely too full and paid with a minimum of awkwardness.  

Food: 4 Z’s out of 3
0 laundromats out of 5


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