Book shows, no shows, crystal win + psychic loss

Clickity-click for biggity-big

Clickity-click for biggity-big

» It was the Toronto Small Press Spring Book Fair this weekend and Mandi and I manned the Ampersand Publishing table. It was a moderately good time. No, it wasn’t a bad time and the people watching was good, but not a lot of traffic. From the standpoint of “doing a show” it was fairly dire. From the standpoint of something to do with out Saturday, it was pretty nice.

I vaguely wondered what my registration fees went to when they announced the venue (Toronto Reference Library) had been donated free and the show was put on with the help of volunteers. You would think probably advertising except apparently the Library took care of that as well (I also saw no evidence of advertising leading up to the event). I guess there’s a lot of “admin fees” to cover. And fair enough. I’d never want to put on a book fair unless it was lining my pockets, or at least not putting me in debt. Also I had to appreciate lack of crowds made the day enjoyable unlike last years’ Canzine where I was in a state of near panic-induced seizure the entire time.

Clicking makes it bigger

Clicking makes it bigger

Saw a few people I recognized from previous shows and had a pretty good time with our table-mates from the Ottawa Arts Review. We made about enough money to cover the parking. Who says print is dead?

» I found out this morning that Michael Gira played a two-night engagement at the Drake hotel this weekend. I really have to start reading the entertainment papers again. He’s one of the only shows I keep hoping to catch in town since I moved here and that would have been a great venue to see him at. Disappointed I missed that far more than Pet shop Boys in Montreal. Which I simply decided was too much travelling and cash. Mostly too much travelling. Entirely too much travelling in August. Looks like I am going to Sonic Youth this month though for much less travelling and cash.

Most convoluted award title ever.

» I forgot to mention I won a Crystal Award at work last week, or maybe the week before. It’s an inter-ministry peer-recognition award so I’m not sure how much it counts. But it’s something to keep in my cubicle and it makes me look like an official civil servant.

» Mandi, Shara and I have been remotely engaged in a telekinesis competition held at the Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria, BC. Our team is called Thinking About Moving. We sadly lost in the final round last night to the Center for Paraspeculative Study. In a strange coincidence, two tables down from us at the book fair they were selling books on the previous year’s competition. Spooky.


9 Responses to Book shows, no shows, crystal win + psychic loss

  1. weathereye says:

    Did you have to give a speech when you won the Crystal Award? And if you did, did you give it in Hayden Bloom’s voice? Because that would be cool.

  2. kumarhk says:

    I will forever think of you as “Jakob the drinking water guy”. Well, not really, but it amused me for a while.

  3. Ooo, might have to order me some of those “Caffienist” cards. I have the print pinned to the corkboard above my desk…

  4. the X says:

    it’s official, the government really DOES have too much time and money on their hands. I don’t mean to take away from your post-award glow, but that really is the most useless award i’ve ever seen. Is this really our tax dollars hard at work here? Congrats, however 🙂

    • nerdhurdles says:

      I agree. It’s insane. The free lunch was nice. Thanks for the lunch tax-payers!

      • kumarhk says:

        I loved both meals that I’ve had which were paid for by taxpayers. I don’t even work for the government.

  5. therob88 says:

    I can’t spot the Nerd Hurdles cards . I love mine , I enshrined it and humbly genuflect whenever it enters my line sight.


  6. therob88 says:

    It is a fluorescent pink yes. Almighty illuminating.

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