Spring, fall + commute

» It was worth coming to work this morning if only for the beautiful walk to the subway station. After months of skeletal trees, there is an emerald green canopy glowing with morning sun over the sidewalks once again. The sky was warm with blues and mottled greens, but the air was crisp and cool.

» The other day I saw a woman trip on a streetcar track and faceplant in the middle of the sidewalk. 

» Last year I felt Radiohead was the perfect music for commuting. I now believe Neu! is the ideal music for bustling to and from work. Especially since it’s both kinetic and peaceful with a nearly antiseptic quality without being sterile. It purrs like a perfectly engineered and maintained machine as opposed to the rumbling juggernaut of what most would think was ideal “driving” music. Neu! are, in some ways, the anti-Kyuss.

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