» This weekend Mandi and I visted our entirely non-imaginary friend, Kennedy (You can hear more about the “imaginary friends” concept on his podcast Weather Station 3). Though seeing Kennedy is always a treat, it was interesting to finally see Peterborough, where he lives, which has always been a place of mystery in my mind. It’s merely the borough my parents moved to when they first got married but, because it was the only place in their married life they have lived that I haven’t, I’ve been curious my whole life about this town. In the back of my mind, I think I’ve always felt it’s a pilgrimage I must make. Which is vaguely odd since it’s not exactly a hotbed of family history. Perhaps it was only because it was Mother’s Day weekend I was feeling especially sentimental about it. Peterborough turns out to be a nice little town. And that’s all there is to say about it. I didn’t think to get the address of their old place from my folks so I didn’t see the house where they lived on the 2nd storey. Perhaps next time we visit Kennedy I’ll come prepared.

» It’s strange the way memory can be triggered. I downloaded a ROM of the Sega Genesis game Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine the other day and immediately was transported to the attic bedroom of my parents’ house where I’d play that game and listen to Icky Mettle, in the dark, moping for most of 1997-98. Hearing the first few tones of the game’s theme filled me with a feeling of confusion as to why I wasn’t actually hearing Archers of Loaf or Sebadoh (which I’d have on at the same time) and I could even taste diet Coke and Pizza Pockets and smell the off-gassing of my Star Wars figures. Not entirely good memories, but an interesting nostalgic experience if only for the brute force of it.


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