Dundas Dining: Axis Bar and Grill

The Axis Bar and Grill is pretty much a bar and grill as advertised. Though it has nothing to do with Hitler and Mussolini and has a tad more upscale atmosphere than a bunker or Archie Bunker’s Place for that matter.  The ceiling is painted a lovely shade of blue which looks purple above the red lights hanging over the bar. There were nice curtains. The tables were like tables in any bar. It’s a 50/50 nice kind of place. It’s a date/business meeting pub, not a brawling pub. But the kind of date or business meeting where you want to look like you’ve got your thumb on the pulse of the street’s artery of artiness yet not too arty. There’s a patio which seems to get a lot of action.

We sat down on Mother’s Day during brunch hours which accounted for the extremely long wait for our fruit plate and french toast. Mandi’s fruit plate was “good” and my french toast was almost excellent. It had a cinnamon batter which was very tasty, but the bread used was of the Wonderbread Texas Toast variety. If it had been made with an actual bakery bread, it would have been the best french toast I’ve ever had. Instead, it wasn’t. It was okay. Generous portions of bacon and sausage make up for the discrepancy about 13.7%. Mandi’s fruit plate came with the most bizarre “pre-cored” pineapple which was worth the price in amusement. The coffee was of strangely high-quality. We had three cups each. Pricing was standard.

When we seated ourselves, we didn’t realize we were sitting on the “stage” and as we ate, the boogie-woogie piano jazz band set up around us. It was a strange experience but not as awkward as Mandi expected it to be. Especially since she sort of knew the drummer whom she described as a “douchebag” and I observed, was. He wore loafers and ankle socks. WTF? I got to observe his ankle close-up since they were about six inches from my own, beating the time. There was also some kind of shaker stuffed in the loafer. As I said, Mandi called it correctly.

Being brunch on Mother’s Day it’s difficult to say if the atmosphere would be different on an average Thursday or Friday night. We suspect it’s quite different and may return for a contrasting view. We expect it to be darker with more beer and less coffee, but an equally as middle-of-the-road pub experience.

3 mehs out of 5.


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