High Park is a miserable place.

» High Park is a miserable place. I’ve been three times and each time it’s done nothing but cement this feeling deeper in my psyche. Granted, the first time was in the middle of snowy winter. It’s not High Park’s fault all its pathways were covered in icy death and there was a bitter, biting bitch of a wind coming off the water. The second time it was later in winter. Less snowy, but doubly muddy and still with the horrible, miserable wind. I vowed not to return until the depressing, soggy-faced trees had leaves on them.

To celebrate our sixth month as a couple, Mandi and I returned to High Park for a pic-a-nic. No leaves yet, but the weather is warmer and, indeed, the wind wasn’t a horrendous slap in the face. I thought maybe High Park was going to cut us a break. What High Park decided to up the ante with instead was a swarm of bees. Or wasps. Whatever they were they lived in holes in the ground and were black and white and were combing huge swathes of the park like a blurry, hovering blanket.  Perhaps it wasn’t quite that drastic. But it was enough of a problem that I felt like everywhere we tried to place our blanket we were in grave danger of being stung to death and hacked into pieces by tiny mandibles for use in a royal jelly recipe.

Eventually, after walking to practically the other side of the park, we found a table to sit at outside of the insects’ domain and had a perfectly lovely afternoon reading library books and eating berries.

But High Park is still a miserable place.


8 Responses to High Park is a miserable place.

  1. the X says:

    i think you’d be happier if you’d just come to grips with the fact that you are not outdoorsy, but rather, indoorsy with a general contempt for life as a whole.

  2. Thanks for including Aporia in your recommendations!! Have you been following the RAD conversation happening there right now? I seriously can’t focus on papers with awesome stuff like that going on. What have I even accomplished today?!

    This bee story sounds like at least 10 horror movies I’ve seen, none of which I recall the titles of. I’m glad you went outside, even if you are a little indoorsy. We all come from out there. Happy Earth Day!

  3. yeah right says:

    yeah right ! what kind of horrible beast doesn’t like High Park. You should be eternally thankful you live in a city that has such a huge green space right in the middle of it that is not threated by hurricane’s or floods. Shame on you Mr. Dapper. Have you even SEEN the kids wooden castle park !?!?

  4. mrdapper says:

    Nicole: “general contempt for life as a whole”?!? Well, I suppose that is correct. I’m actually quite happy now. Out of my spring malaise.

    Chelsee: Since I encouraged you to move your blog to a more public space, I thought I should pump it a bit. It’s good stuff. I have to admit, I haven’t had time lately, in my blog reading hours, to actually finish reading your latest post/rant.

  5. and another thing... says:

    the winter iciness IS hilarious though. especially if you try to climb the little trails when covered in ice. its pretty impossible and ive thought i was going to die a couple times.

  6. It is a longish post, and that’s nothing compared to the comment section. Do hope you’ll catch up & join in, though.

    I’ve gotten around 40 personal responses on top of the public stuff. Whoa!

  7. X says:

    yes, i was just busting your chops on the contempt for life bit for some fun.

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