The big launch!

LAST NIGHT, around 7:30 pm EST, I made an announcement on Twitter. I expected a few people to acknowledge it and move on. Instead, it turned into a gala event. Well, as much as a tweet can be a gala event. What was it? It was the launch of, our new podcast home base. 

Against my expectations, within minutes the forum started filling up and by the end of the night people were posting like it had been a long established institution. That might be because almost everyone who’s signed up comes from the excellent Simply Syndicated forums and trust each other already. It’s pretty neat, as well, to see several of my internet circles colliding. So far, everyone seems to get along. But then, why wouldn’t they? We’re all nerds here with no normies to fear.

The annoucnement did, almost entirely, eclipse my same-day announcement that I moved Mr. Dapper over to WordPress. Oh well, I left a note saying where I went taped to the door at the old LiveJournal address.

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