One Night Only!

Lord of the Flies 2, originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» Tomorrow night (Saturday, April 4th) I’m playing a house show in Nanaimo from my bed in Toronto. Because they’re crazy, Rose and Bob are turning their home into an art/performance space. Since I’ve performed at each of their openings so far, they asked me to help break the champagne bottle on the prow once again. It wasn’t possible for me to make the trip physically, so I’m making the trip digitally (my preferred form of existence these days anyway).

I filmed a 24 minute Moonwood set in my living room, cut it with footage of my life in Toronto and mailed them a DVD. Supposedly it’ll be shown larger than life on their living room wall. De mi casa a su casa. Headlining the evening is none other than Canadian weirdo music legend Bob Wiseman. Ironically, the only other show I’ve played in the last year was with his wife (The Phonemes) last summer in Toronto. I am clearly, as Rose put it, stagnant. I believe the show starts at 8pm PST (11pm EST) and the living room wall is at 221 Prideaux Street.

» The above picture of a fly has nothing to do with anything. We found him on a walk along the Humber River last weekend (the same as the birdseed from yesterday’s post). It seems we stumbled across a log someone had set out red stuff on to attract flies. It might have been jam but we didn’t want to taste it to see. “Lord of the Flies” was scrawled on a rock nearby so I suspect it was a photo-shoot for a design school book cover project. I only think that because it’s what I would have done. It was probably just drunk kids. Or maybe sober kids with too much jam on a picnic.


2 Responses to One Night Only!

  1. ms_dirtnap says:

    Did I really call you stagnant? You are so far from. The show went great. I did film a little bit of it. Our house won’t be like an open 24/7 art space or anything. Just maybe a show once a month or so. Gotta challenge the house cleaning skills once in a while.

    • mrdapper says:

      On the phone, off air, when I called Pins of Light. It was meant with love I’m sure. Glad to hear the show went well. Also, best way to ensure new years house-cleaning resolutions get kept.

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