Tangental 1, originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» On Friday my tangerine of choice was a Minneola (as I think the previous three tangerines I’ve written about were). It was of a sweet but indistinct disposition. Much like a virgin who’d grown up in the country and was so sheltered they hadn’t even seen animals copulating. It was sort of the fruit equivalent of a wallflower. Very sticky though. I found myself annoyed at having to continually clean away the copious amounts of juice which were clinging to my fingers like kittens weened too young. But still, even that didn’t leave much of an impression.  I actually needed to scribble notes on a desk pad in order to remember the experience. What I’ve just written, I have no memory of. I’m just copying what I see written here. Apparently I didn’t even finish the last two segments of this one.

This weekend I bought three Honey tangerines. I ate the first of these this morning. At first I found it to be no more than a very large Mandarin orange but with obnoxiously large seeds. Its rind was also thin like a Mandarin’s where the Minneola was thick like a Navel orange. Over the course of eating several segments, I began to really get a sense of that classic tangerine flavour coming out. Sweet and tangy. I think the Honey tangerines might be the way to go. Not virginal, but also not a tart. Will its sisters so delightfully dance upon my taste buds? I will let you know in the coming days.


2 Responses to Honey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pulp Fact

    Who would have thought that a seed of an idea would have turned into such a juicy story. I sure hope you manage to squeeze out a few more segments.


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