Trek, Salvation, Toilets, Tang + Tangents

I’ll say it, "Raw Chicken Vagina"
Originally uploaded by godpasta.

» I might be the only fan-boy who hasn’t soiled his pants over the new Star Trek trailer. Though it looks to be a better stand-alone sci-fi adventure than the previous trailers suggested, it still lacks any of the flavour that is Trek. Which leads me to believe the fact it is Star Trek is only going to distract me from enjoying what could otherwise have been the first truly good original sci-fi movie since the 80s. I think I feel the same way about Terminator: Salvation. Though it looks like a really great machine vs. man post-apocalyptic war movie, I feel like the fact it’s a Terminator movie is going to have me looking for outside-of-canon nerd-holes in it. Why not start a new mythology about a machine war? Why hamper it with the stigma of a series of 20 year old films? And in Star Trek’s case, 40 years of history. I won’t be able to look at this film with fresh eyes no matter how hard I try to set aside my life-long preconceptions. I also suspect Kirk’s "Yes… we do…" line is going to be laughably cheesy in the context of the scene. In fact, it’s already laughable in the context of the trailer but you don’t have time to notice on the first viewing. So maybe they did get the essence of Kirk right after all. Cheesy lines delivered melodramatically.

» For some reason the toilet paper in the 19th floor men’s washroom is the cushy pillowed kind instead of the usual industrial-grade sandpaper. I’m not complaining. I’m just wondering if it’s someone’s private stash in cubicle three.

» Because I know you’re riveted, please note my third tangerine was again more tart than the second but the fourth—from the same batch—was sweeter. I need to look online for hints on selecting ripe tangerines. The method I’m using is clearly haphazard at best.

» Mandi and I tried to have a conversation about martial arts since we both agreed it’s the nerd element of it all that has kept us at a healthy distance. The problem is we’ve kept ourselves at such a distance, we know almost nothing about martial arts. So our conversation wandered into… other topics (Hint: see photo).


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  1. Anonymous says:


    Geez, all this talk of raw chicken vaginas and nerd-holes is making me think impure thoughts.


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