Tangy + nerdy

Mini Orange 1 (BW)
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» The other day I ate a tangerine for the first time. The closest I’d come to eating a tangerine previously was a tangerine-mandarin hybrid. That was fairly tart but in no way prepared me for the near-lemon intensity of pure puckering acid of a true tangerine. I think you could probably cauterize a wound with the juice. It has just occurred to me that since this was the first pure-bred tangerine of my life, I don’t know if it was actually a common example of tangerinehood or if it was an anomaly. Maybe this was an especially feisty tangerine and the average tangerine has a milder disposition. Perhaps it was an adolescent full of the fire of youth and hadn’t yet settled into the delicious mellow ripeness of middle-age. I think I might acquire myself another tangerine today and further investigate this vigorous fruit.

» I’ve never been a sci-fi convention. I’m not sure it’s even a "nerd hurdle" for me so much as I just don’t understand the appeal. I guess because it’s a clandestine world I’ve never entered. What do they do in there? It’s as mysterious as the Masonic Lodge. And similar too. Trekkies and Masons both wear strange costumes, hoard strange artifacts and discuss things only known amongst their peer group. Mandi has entered the inner-circle a few times so we chatted about the mysterious world of the sci-fi convention in episode #7 of Nerd Hurdles.


One Response to Tangy + nerdy

  1. see_dot_rant says:

    i think you may hav had a very unripe tangerine. They are usually peach like in texture and quite sweet.

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