Not kendal mint cake

Not kendal mint cake 2
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» A few weeks ago, late at night, with a sleepless fever, I tried to make kendal mint cake. It didn’t work out. Making candy is a touch-and-go process at the best of times but attempting it while barely functioning was probably a lapse in judgment. The result was clearly not kendal mint cake. It was, instead, some kind of mint toffee. I realized I have no idea what the chemical process of boiling sugar really is. Either I cooked it too long, or not long enough or at the wrong intensity. I might need to read and actual book on candy-making and not rely on the internet. In the end, Mandi and I cut it into cubes and covered them in chocolate. They were amazingly good, if a bit crystalline. Strangely the remaining few are almost entirely crystallized now and almost kendal-like with almost no toffee bits left. Sugar is weird stuff.


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