Ideas, zeroes + rain


» My head is too full of ideas these days. Projects I want to complete; projects I want to abandon because I have better ideas; books I want to write; half-finished short stories I’m avoiding writing; podcasts; films; records; bands; networks; promoting ideas already in effect; publishing other peoples’ writing and music; performing; ideas; ideas; ideas. Ideas are great. But they take time and resources. I have the resources right now, but not the time. If I acquire the time, resources will dwindle. It’s a sea-saw of crazy-making creative angst. This week I formulated the worst life-plan ever. It’s pretty awesome.

» Mandi and I don’t know enough about superheroes to podcast about them. So here’s a podcast about Adam West and the fur trade.

» It suddenly got really warm here in Toronto. The snow slinked away, the rains came. Apparently a week from now there is going to be a last hurrah for the snow. Amazingly, people drive worse in the rain here than in the snow. I almost got run over three times on my way to the subway.


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