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» Twitter is an odd thing. I’m now following Levar Burton and Wil Wheaton. Wil’s Twitter is especially ridiculous, though not as ridiculous (or just plain weird) as Levar’s avatar pic. The strange thing is I feel like I actually know these guys now and have to remember to resist commenting on their updates like I do with the rest of my imaginary friends.

Even stranger though is one of my (less imaginary) imaginary friends was complaining about Quark Express (the diabolically un-intuitive design and layout software) and I replied "One more reason Quark is THE DEVIL."

Within minutes I got this tweet from a Quark representative:

terrywelty @jakob_ampersand
Hello Jakob. We’ve recently cut down on our evil-doings here in Denver. I’m interested in your view on how we can improve

Personally, I find this kind of Twitter trolling by corporations simply FUCKING CREEPY. It was bad enough when WikiHow.com responded to one of my tweets last week, but this gave me aslightly violated feeling as if they’d touched me in a very bad place. So I responded:

jakob_ampersand @terrywelty
Accept defeat and sacrifice a virgin to InDesign.

terrywelty @jakob_ampersand
That sounds a bit drastic. I think we’ll just stick to improving the software and responding to customer’s needs for now.

jakob_ampersand @terrywelty
It’s good to know you’ve adopted your president’s philosophy of Hope. All should have such courage to fight impossible odds.

Terry Welty did not respond to that. I then sent out a tweet name-dropping Coca-Cola, but did not get an unsolicited tweet from them trying to convince me Coca-Cola is not, in fact, "poison."


5 Responses to Quarky

  1. aporia says:

    there’s strange things going on in parts of the internet i have never visited.

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