Fine Weather, androgyne + crap weather

» On my walk home last night I was having one fo those existential moments artists sometimes have. That feeling of “What’s the use? Why bother? Is anybody out there?” Then when got home and despondently flicked on the lap top. I found this waiting for me at the blog Weather Station 1. It really makes it all worth while to know sometimes people actually react to what you’re doing and you’re not spending all your time treading water in the mire of mediocrity.

» To not prove Mr. Weatherye wrong, I finished a painting last night. And then, to prove him wrong, went to sleep. It’s over there to the right. The background was created using coffee, several types of tea, hot cocoa, wine and pomegranate juice.

» Now that it’s warmed up slightly, more snow is supposed to fall tonight and tomorrow. The sidewalks along my route had just gotten cleared except for a few remaining patches of two-inch ice in front of the houses where people with no souls live. At least the snow should actually make those patches less treacherous.

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