My discontent of the winter

Winter Tree 1, originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» Yep, it’s still winter here. Last year at three quarters of the way through January, I didn’t get why people were complaining about winter being so long. This year I’ve come around. Their Ontarian complaininess is seeping in. I think perhaps it’s due to having a longer walk to the subway station in the morning which has been considerably less dealt with by businesses and the general population. Or there has just been more snow for longer and I’m bored of it. I am, however, enjoying keeping my walk cleared. I’m nowhere near as good at it as the old lady a few doors down (she apparently has some kind of anti-snow force field surrounding her chunk of pavement) but it’s still satisfying to look out and see dark, clear cement with white snow on either side of it. It makes me want to goout and stand on it with a megaphone in hand, announcing, "Hey assholes! This is how it’s done! Some of us walk on the sidewalk!"

One Response to My discontent of the winter

  1. ms_dirtnap says:

    I would love to see you do that. It would make my day.

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