Jerks, soft eating + Chinese Astrology

Jerk I, originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» Last weekend we made a ridiculous cake. We had to out-do ourselves this weekend and attempt something more ridiculous. We made beef jerky in the oven. I was convinced it’d be a disaster like in Into the Wild. But it was so easy I became convinced Alexander Supertramp was even more of a one man Failblog than before. Okay, sure, we were dealing with a much smaller portion of meat, probably a better knife, and had a source of heat we could control. But still, it was easier than making fluffy pancakes.

» Other culinary events of the weekend were our vegetarian chilli (made with real meat!) and Aussie Black Opal Licorice. Scratch that. Aussie Black Opal “Soft Eating” Licorice. The inclusion of “eating” on the label is important because it has the consistency of caulking putty. In a pinch you could probably use it as window caulking.

» I finally mixed down the song Mandi and I recorded together. She’s a horse and I’m a rat in the Chinese astrological calendar. It’s supposed to be one of the worst pairings possible. But luckily she isn’t a “fire horse” because then I wouldn’t live out my full lifespan. The song is called Chinese Astrology and has nothing to do with Chinese Democracy.


One Response to Jerks, soft eating + Chinese Astrology

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is extremely trying.

    Just to clarify, the horse and rat are not ONE of the worst possible pairings. In fact, a relationship between a horse and a rat is said to be the worst of ANY of the chinese zodiac signs. I can feel my free-spirit shriveling as I type. You enraged yet?


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