Morning 1
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» I can’t tell if I’ve come to embrace walking to the subway station in the near dark or if I’m merely resigned to it. This morning it was accompanied with sleet being blustered into my face. The sidewalks were mostly clear though, for once, since people had been given a day or two to shovel and salt between significant snowfalls. There are still a few bastards living on the east side of Runnymede who seem to think a snow swamp is an acceptable terrain for pedestrians. At least the two inches of ice have melted. I was considering renting a rototiller to break it up along Annette. Maybe one with a seeder attached which would sprinkle salt as I go. Or, on a more practical note, I was considering one of those seed pouches you wear on your hip. I’d be like Johhny Appleseed only I’d be spreading salt and abuse instead of apple seeds and mirth. Jakob Safe-T-Salt.


One Response to Salt-T-Dog

  1. Anonymous says:

    east of runnymede

    i know these bastards you speak of. well, not personally, but I have felt their lack of concern in the form of trying to get through their derelict sidewalks.

    damn them all!

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