Coffee Planet + honkers

Coffee Planet
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» For some reason, the photo on the right is my most popular new pic on Flickr in several months. I don’t know why this one has captured people’s attention. I would assume it’s because they actually think it’s a photo of Jupiter and people are suckers for photos of planets even though they all look exactly the same. Personally, I like it because it’s a coffee stain that looks like Jupiter. Maybe that’s why they like it. I suspect they just can’t tell what the hell it is in thumbnail view and are ultimately disappointed when they see it larger. I thought my snow pictures were pretty good. Nobody cared.

» Another thing I don’t understand is why when there’s a traffic jam (such as there was at the intersection here at work yesterday) people honk. Clearly none of the cars can move anywhere until a block further up has been cleared or they would. No one actually wants to just be sitting there in the middle of the intersection. Do the honkers actually think people will hear their honks and suddenly realize, "Oh shit! I shouldn’t be sitting here in the middle of this intersection behind all these other cars! What am I doing? I’ll just get out of the way of that guy four cars back honking like a maniac." I guess they probably figure it’s just a socially acceptable way to show their frustration. They just don’t realize it makes them look like total douchebags.


4 Responses to Coffee Planet + honkers

  1. ms_dirtnap says:

    Because it’s a beautiful coffee planet. And they’re emotionally immature.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Snow and honking

    Rest assured, Your snow pictures haven’t gone by unnoticed. They made me envious , I could almost breath the pure air and smell the crackling fire. I miss the hills and forests of Scotland or Alpine land, suburbs are the most life-sap depleting places in middle-class society apart from Discos full of vacuous Pavlovian jumping hooded cretins. ( Most of them grow out of the phase, or not?)

    People with honk-syndrome bug the hell out of me. Even worse is when you’re delivering mail and some nut honks not for emergency reasons but a raucous Goodbye upon departing from an acquaintance’s place. Frack, the times my heart palpitated with such ferocity I thought I was actually going to need to dial 911.

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