End, the cult of big bad hair, widget + poorly

Hunka Burnin Plastic 2
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» At Ken‘s request, I did a year-end review of the year that has ended. Awards for the best single, album, movie and podcast go to…

» Last week I was invited to guest on the podcast Big Bad Hair to talk about The Cult. Maybe we should only have talked about Electric. Hindsight.

» I’ve updated the Ampersand Publishing page. It now has a Twitter widget.

» I’ve been poorly for the last two days. I think it might be my new, cheap, Canadian Tire stove-top espresso maker causing my illness. I think the rubber seal is heating up and infusing my coffee with toxins. Or my clementines are starting to ferment. Or I picked up a bug from a snot-nosed brat at Mastermind Toys on the weekend. Sadly, I’m not ill enough to stay home. Just enough to take some of the fun out of being alive


2 Responses to End, the cult of big bad hair, widget + poorly

  1. Anonymous says:


    I think you’re being turned British by podcasts.


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