» I haven’t decided what to do with 2009 yet. I suppose if my theme for 2008 was "change" I should pick a new theme that dove-tales with that. Only I didn’t choose change, change chose me. Or so it seemed. Perhaps I was courting change, or perhaps I simply gave in to change’s tireless assault and let it carry me away. I wonder what other force has been hammering at me that I should just give in to. Other than don’t bother shaving force and eat some chocolate force.

» JCVD was pretty good. But only by virtue of having Jean Claude play himself. If the character had been a fictional washed-up 80s action hero, played by another actor, it would have merely been a decent euro-heist/hostage movie.  It’s not a bad film. I enjoyed it quite a bit. But just more of the same old, same old with some post-modern meta-fiction acting as the gourmet icing on a plot made from a Betty Crocker cake mix. I’ve been feeling a real malaise towards the arts lately. I suppose starting  the last year of this decade has made me, in some way, realize how long it’s been since I felt the shock of the new.

» My first podcast of 2009 is judging a book by it’s cover. The cover and the book are: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk.


2 Responses to ’09

  1. aporia says:

    “if you’re going to watch it twice don’t watch it the first time.”

    i think i enjoyed survivor.

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