Respectacled, Waffled + Glittered

December 12, 2008

The Light May Glitter (cover)
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» Last night I went to Respectacle. Which was respectacular. Mandi forces middle-school kids to put on a mean show. The tiny girl doing the running man during their rendition of "Mr. Wendle" was my favourite part.

»This morning we played hooky and went to the strangest wafflehouse in Ghettobicoke. Firstly the windows are tinted orange. Well, not "tinted" so much as covered in vibrant orange plastic. Upon entering, wondering if you’ll be able to handle the orange windows, you realize the furniture is also entirely done in this vibrant, dayglo orange colour. That’s merely quirky.

The menu is where the serious strangeness begins to kick in. The breakfast menu is your standard combos of waffles, bacon, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, etc. Several items were denoted as being "wafflicious." All seemed normal but then we noticed the lunch and dinner menu featured pizza and hamburgers. Not too strange until you read the fine print when it goes on to explain the pizza is tomato sauce and mozzarella on a waffle. And the burger is an all-beef patty, lettuce and tomato in between two waffles. There was also the "Flying Waffle" which was a waffle with chicken wings on it. We stuck to the breakfast menu.

This didn’t save us from strangeness. The plates came ringed in cinnamon (okay), sugar (normal) and parsley (huh?). Also the hashbrowns were the shredded kind but deep-fired. So they were, as Mandi described them, "like a pile of dry leaves." Tasty but hard to eat. Have you ever tried to eat Hickory Sticks with a fork? No. You wouldn’t because that’s impossible. I had to glue these potato leaves together with ketchup just to be able to eat them.

When we were asked ‒ by the manager, not our server ‒ how our meal was and we said everything was fine, she then said nervously, "Are you sure?" We again said yes and she left quickly and visibly relieved. This is when we started poking around for stray press-on nails in our potato leaves.

» I added a new title to the Ampersand Publishing store today. It’s a book of user manuals translated into poetry using Babelfish. It’s called The Light May Glitter.

Go Green gone + Kaossilations

December 10, 2008

» The project from heck which has consumed my 9-to-5 (and overtime) hours for months is finally over. The Climate Change Action Plan Annual Report—originally titled the Go Green Annual Report—has just been released. I have to point out I cannot take credit for the cover. I really cannot. Read into that what you will. I did create a lot of the internal graphics, but I did not create the cover graphic. I would hate for anyone to think I was stealing credit for that. I mean, credit should go where credit is due, right? Not on my doorstep.

» Yesterday on the way home from work I finally bought myself a Kaossilator. Which I’m going to use for the Sister Ray set on the 23rd. I didn’t realize they were so tiny or I might have bought one months ago when I first heard about them. It was hard to go to bed last night instead of making glitchy techno goodness literally in the palm of my hand. But I did go to bed. And continued making beats and grooves there for a while. It was also hard to not take it on the subway this morning though I guess it would look no less ridiculous than someone using a blackberry. So I’m glad I left it at home.

I bet Marx shoveled his walk + Womanizer

December 9, 2008

» Apparently I’m the only fool on Fairview Avenue who shovels the walk. Also, except for the schools, people on Annette and Runnymede aren’t big on shoveling snow. WE’RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY, PEOPLE! At least this morning it was the dry, non-slippy snow. But it’s supposed to rain this afternoon so my walk home is going to be on either slippy slush or slippy ice. Either way I’m going to be slipping and cursing those lazy-ass bourgeoisie car-driving Bloor-Westerners who don’t help their pedestrian comrades out. Another reason I’d like to see a city-wide ban on privately-owned vehicles. This ban wouldn’t apply to Mandi, of course. As I’ve been finding her car ownership quite handy of late.

» I really like the new Britney song.

Muffcake + prosciutto cats

December 2, 2008

Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» I had a birthday on the weekend. I had a nice little party with some nice people. One of my friends brought tasty vegan cupcakes that were made with wholewheat flour so were a bit like chocolate muffins. Cupcake + muffin = muffcake > awesome. Mandi and I celebrated the day by podcasting about me. Specifically, we reveiwed me based on my Plenty of Fish profile. Self-indulgent? Perhaps. But it was my damn birthday.

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