» 2008. It’s all but over. I don’t approve of the practice, but bloggers are expected to recap the past year, so here goes. Hopefully this won’t be as boring as I expect.

MUSIC. I released well over a dozen CDs in 2007 and less than six in 2008 (three as The Urbane Decay, one as Heavy Moon and also Nicole’s CD). I keep recording music. But I don’t release it anymore. I seem to have started making electronic music again lately—something I thought I was done with.

As far as listening to music goes, my best of year list is pretty slim. The Witch, Larkin Grimm, In_Rainbows (was that 2007?), and The Raveonettes. I can’t think of anything else. If I had to pick a fifth, I guess Hercules and Love Affair. Oh, Brightblack Morning Light’s new one is a great sedative. Mostly I listened to three year old neo-shoegaze bands I found on iTunes along with Eric’s Trip, Sebadoh, Pavement, Sonic Youth and King Crimson. Oh… and of course Britney Spears’ Womanizer. How could I forget the single of the year.

ZINES. I re-entered the zine world late in 2007 with PLOG: P[aper b]LOG. Four of the six issues were released in 2008. I went to two zine/small press shows and a few Toronto Zine Library events. I don’t think PLOG will exist in 2009. Not in the same form it took in 2007/08 at least.

I did however start up Ampersand Publishing. Or at least gave a name to what I was already doing. I’m more interested in doing mini-books than a zine, I think. I suppose there’s no difference, really.

FILM & TV. I watched a whopping total of three films in the theatre this year. Indian Jones 4, Twilight and Benjamin Button. I assume good films were also made. I didn’t see them. Was Into the Wild made in 2008? That was pretty good. That might have been 2007 though. I like to think I only watched three crap films this year. We’re probably going to JCVD tonight so we’ll see if the trend continues for the final film of the year.  I don’t own a TV so I watched pre-2008 TV  on my laptop: Heroes Season I, Dexter Season I, Six Feet Under Complete Series, Rome Complete Series, and Twin Peaks Complete Series. It was all good and commercial-free what with being on DVD. Did they still make TV shows in 2008? Probably. I didn’t see any.

PANDANOIDS. I pretty much abandoned this project in 2008. To do it right, it’d be a full-time job. I already have a full-time job. And hobbies I find more interesting. Originally there was going to be a weekly web-comic and maybe even animations to help market and sell the products. Maybe in 2009 I’ll pick this ball up again.

PODCASTING. The single biggest change in artistic direction for me has been the discovery of podcasting. As a listener and as a creator. It’s radio that suits my lifestyle. I don’t have to tune-in at a certain time to catch my favourite shows and I don’t have to be at the station at a certain time to do my own. It’s all on my time. Currently, it’s the project I have the most fun with. Music is still essential for my soul. Writing and making books/zines is still a good time. But podcasting is really, really fun. I am fully aware this is due to it being the creative endeavour I get the most positive feedback for. And I owe this entirely to Simply Syndicated whose have provided me with over 90% of my listeners and 100% of my inspiration. I should really send them a box of chocolates.

LOVE. One relationship officially ended fairly early in the year and I broke a promise to myself by re-entering the world of internet dating. Thank god I did because I met Mandi. 2009 is looking up.

LINKS of 2008: pods and blogs


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