Welcome back to Canada, Dapper sighting + Beardo

Snow II
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» I’m back in Toronto from the west coast. There’s a few things I’be learned on this trip. One is I will never travel in winter again. The other is I really understand the difference between Central and Western Canada now. Growing up in the west, I was somewhat aware of the central region’s privilaged status. But only having my western experience to draw upon, it was simply the norm. When I moved here, I didn’t notice anything too specific to indicate our country has an Ontario/Quebec cultural focus. But coming back to BC it became suddenly starkly clear to me how everything "Canadian" is in fact "central region" and BC is a society as distinct from Ontario as Quebec or the Maritimes or even Michigan State. I can safely say, central region really, truly does not care about anything west of the Ontario border. Not even a little bit. BC does not exist to "Canadians" any more than Europe does.

» When Chelsee and I were having coffee at Port Place Mall (it was the only place downtown open on Boxing Day), we saw Mr. Dapper, the red-haired man. She said she hadn’t seen him since I moved. I said I thought he might have been dead because no one had given me an update about him recently. He walked past us twice. Perhaps he is my spirit guide.

» I didn’t shave while on vacation. I’ve decided to keep the beard.

5 Responses to Welcome back to Canada, Dapper sighting + Beardo

  1. I saw a lot of the fellow when I was still at Fassle-Rass. He was always coming in, looking like he does, and hovering around the MNOPs in the pop/rock section

  2. ms_dirtnap says:

    Except BC is full of Canadians.
    I see Mr. Dapper all the time, too, but usually in the Thrifty’s parking lot. He drives more now than he used to.

  3. aporia says:

    i saw dapper today and smiled at him. it was at port place again.

  4. charenton_ says:

    Thank god that man is still alive. I’m relieved for the update šŸ™‚

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