23, mirror universe + knowledge

» I forgot to bring earplugs to the 23rd show. The Madonna Bangers banged my ears into a pulpy paste. I also forgot to bring my plushie cat-mask which made my TRANZMIT set mortifying. It had something to do with the stage being back in the same spot as the first industrial night Bob put on a decade ago where the old school patrons (before the Terminal-to-Cambie gentrification) threw rocks at the stage. I was basically setting up to play the same music. Nobody threw rocks but this one drunk or cracked-out dirtbag walked up to the front of the stage accusingly yelling at me "You’re Donny Osmond! You’re Donny Osmond!" But Ken’s reaction when I started singing "Silent Night" in falsetto was worth it though. Actually the look on his face when he saw me approach the mic was worth it.

Speaking of Cambie dirtbags, Nick and I were playing pool and this dirtbag wanted to play the winner. So we both started trying to lose but in a way that wasn’t obvious to the dirtbag. I’m not sure it wasn’t obvious.

If I could change one thing about the 23rd, if it’s going to continue, it would definitely be removing the bands so you can actually hear what people are saying to you. No idea what Sara, John G, or several other said. I hope nodding, shrugging, and smiling was the appropriate reaction. But then, would people come out and stand around talking at a lounge without bands? Probably not. And… oh right, I’m never traveling at christmas again so this really was my final 23rd show. Do what you like with it.

» It was the strangest feeling being back in Nanaimo. Everything is exactly same only tweaked slightly. Brent and Dave were still sitting on Ken’s couch watching Trailer Park Boys, but Jenn has bangs now and there’s a new poster behind the chair. It definitely felt like visiting a mirror universe. All the snow probably added to that feeling. It’s like Nanaimo, but covered in two feet of snow so it can’t be Nanaimo. Two things that didn’t change were Rose and the Casino. I was glad to see Rose, not so much the Casino. But at least Adrian was was truthful in his claim that he was going to lay a twenty down on red and cash-out. Which he did. In and out in two minutes with forty dollars in his hand.

» Sometime in the future Nick Cage has a new movie about prophecies coming out called Knowing. Depending on which trailer you watch, you may or may not want to see it.

8 Responses to 23, mirror universe + knowledge

  1. Anonymous says:

    did Nathan attend the show?


  2. aporia says:

    my feeling about this 23rd was that i have changed tremendously. actually, i had a bit of an epiphany during the bash brothers set, so i guess you’d already left. it was a wonderful feeling and i smiled for most of the rest of the night. i guess it’s not that i’ve changed so much as i remembered something i’d forgotten for a while. something that coming to this town helped me understand, but that being here too long had covered over.

    anyway, hanging out somewhere we can hear each other would be nice if you find the time. please tell your parents hello!

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