» I hadn’t really realized how many internet sites I post on until I’m here at my parents’ manually typing in the URLs. It just seems like a lot. No, it is a lot. I’m a big nerd.

» My flight was canceled/delayed 11 hours. Thanks to the internet, I didn’t spend any of those hours in the airport. My plane did sit on the tarmac (icemac?) for an hour before take off once be boarded though. And sat on the tarmac (snowmac?) in Vancouver for an hour and a half while they plowed us a path to the gate. We were one of only four flights allowed to land in Vancouver that day, so I considered us lucky. The guy beside me wanted to give me five bucks to open the emergency hatch. I pointed out it was too far to walk to the terminal. Another plus to being delayed was I got to go to Nat’s x-mas party with Mandi which as nice.

» Last night Makito made us partake in a retardulous photo-shoot in the Rutherford Mall parking lot atop one of the ice-mountains created by the snow plows. He dragged shopping cars to the top of it and made the girls stand in them and the rest of us make catalogue poses. I was pretty sure we were going to end up on We didn’t. We came close when Makito made John drive his truck into the bank to create plumes of snow with his spinning tires. This was the mating call for a swarm of 4-by-4s which came out of nowhere to do donuts. It was a little bit like Mad Max. But in the snow and not the outback. Ryan took it upon himself to up the fail-ante by shoulder rolling down the 20-foot ice-mountains but failed to break any limbs.

» I miss Mandi and am trying not to break into "Blue Christmas"randomly. At least, not out loud.

4 Responses to Coombs.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Blue Christmas

    Yes, the missing. I haven’t burst into song yet, but if you think it’ll help, I might give it a try.


  2. Anonymous says:

    you gotta post that Mikido pic ASAP.


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