No-mageddon + podcast stuff

» It is, indeed, snowing. I don’t think it’s snow-mageddon yet.  Our director hasn’t sent us home. If using the word snow-mageddon can get us sent home, I hope more people start using it within his earshot of the directors. Mandi’s school got  sent home. I’m still here, faithfully reporting from my desk.

» On the other hand, meat-ageddon continues.

» We finally got the first episode of Nerd Hurdles recorded and posted. Mandi tried to help me overcome my aversion to the tweenage vampire phenomenon that is Twilight. I’m not sure I overcame this hurdle, but I did manage to watch the movie and leave the theatre without a cringing embarrassment seething in my veins.

» Nerd Hurdles would have gotten released earlier but I spend some of my editing time calling-in to the UK-based podcast called Here Goes Nothing. As the title suggests, Boz and Dave talk about nothing — "nothing" being as mostly beer, beans and rants about pop-culture.

One Response to No-mageddon + podcast stuff

  1. the snow is here waiting from you. i’m not sure if it qualifies as a snow-mageddon, but i did get an alert from the city of nanaimo warning me to hoard stock up on food, water and a weeks supply of medication. if the line ups at the grocery store were any indication, the entire city received a similar email.

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