Go Green gone + Kaossilations

» The project from heck which has consumed my 9-to-5 (and overtime) hours for months is finally over. The Climate Change Action Plan Annual Report—originally titled the Go Green Annual Report—has just been released. I have to point out I cannot take credit for the cover. I really cannot. Read into that what you will. I did create a lot of the internal graphics, but I did not create the cover graphic. I would hate for anyone to think I was stealing credit for that. I mean, credit should go where credit is due, right? Not on my doorstep.

» Yesterday on the way home from work I finally bought myself a Kaossilator. Which I’m going to use for the Sister Ray set on the 23rd. I didn’t realize they were so tiny or I might have bought one months ago when I first heard about them. It was hard to go to bed last night instead of making glitchy techno goodness literally in the palm of my hand. But I did go to bed. And continued making beats and grooves there for a while. It was also hard to not take it on the subway this morning though I guess it would look no less ridiculous than someone using a blackberry. So I’m glad I left it at home.


11 Responses to Go Green gone + Kaossilations

  1. aporia says:

    ah, but it’s such a beautiful cover
    i miss mailing you bank brochures so we could mock them

  2. atrophe says:

    if you didn’t do that cover do they have another designer from nanaimo because that fits the island aesthetic to a T

    especially all the blue and green and waves

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sister ray , the Velvet underground song? 🙂

    Btw. to the question whether I’m human or not? yes I am .

  4. ms_dirtnap says:

    Quick Fact -> That pamphlet doesn’t look like it was too hard to design.

    Quick Fact -> The Metrolinx map looks just like your paintings.

    • mrdapper says:

      I had nothing to do with the pamphlet.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        pamphlet, digital report… semantics. Did you do the swirly elements graphics? The metrolinx map? Though if you did, the resemblance could hardly be credited to your paintings as it wasn’t you who designed the transit system… perhaps it was like a seeing into the future, the paintings resembled the metrolinx, dug from the subconscious of your future self.

      • mrdapper says:

        Swirly elements? Don’t know what those are. I hope that was Comm. Branch. They sound awful. Metrolinx made the Metrolinx map. Or rather, whoever they hired to do so. I made the pie charts.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        of course, the pie charts. That was my first suspicion, but I was fighting to find some of your personality in there. Now I understand job from heck.
        The swirly elements are funny, and pretty much spell out the whole humans vs environment problem: fake naturey graphics over pictures of real nature.

        And I’m sorry for my facebook comment. I’m a jerk.

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