I bet Marx shoveled his walk + Womanizer

» Apparently I’m the only fool on Fairview Avenue who shovels the walk. Also, except for the schools, people on Annette and Runnymede aren’t big on shoveling snow. WE’RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY, PEOPLE! At least this morning it was the dry, non-slippy snow. But it’s supposed to rain this afternoon so my walk home is going to be on either slippy slush or slippy ice. Either way I’m going to be slipping and cursing those lazy-ass bourgeoisie car-driving Bloor-Westerners who don’t help their pedestrian comrades out. Another reason I’d like to see a city-wide ban on privately-owned vehicles. This ban wouldn’t apply to Mandi, of course. As I’ve been finding her car ownership quite handy of late.

» I really like the new Britney song.


One Response to I bet Marx shoveled his walk + Womanizer

  1. ratboyrich says:

    Certainly not Groucho…not with that posture anyway.

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