Smelt, RSS feed(back) + respective

» This morning I cooked my espresso maker. I always wondered what would happen if I’d forget to put water in it. Well, it seems the handle and the rubber seal-ring melt and smell really bad. Also the filter falls apart and the body discolours. It’s basically toasted. I guess this is the excuse I need to purchase myself a new espresso maker for x-mas. That’s my subconscious working in my favour.

» The amount of positive feedback I’ve been getting on the G’n’R podcast is beginning to freak me out. Plus I want to know which one of my URL seed plantings is paying off. I’m in danger of taking this project too seriously.

» In a few weeks I’m going to a play called Respectacle. It’s a musical, I believe. Starring middle-school students.


4 Responses to Smelt, RSS feed(back) + respective

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that you toasted the espresso maker exactly a year after i bought it for your birthday. Almost to the day.

  2. Anonymous says:


    It’s really more of a musical collage à la social justice. It’s easily the awesomest thing happening in Brampton.


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