Sister Ray

Sister Ray
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» Two things: 1) Apparently I look really fat in this picture from two and a bit years ago. 2) Apparently Sister Ray are playing at the Dec. 23rd show at the Cambie. Apparently with borrowed equipment and apparently without practicing or even being in the same room together for over a year. And apparently shit-faced as well. Maybe the shit-faced is supposed to come aprés-set. Regardless, I think "half-cut" will be in order at the very least. I have a new kitteh mask to hide behind for the show. That is something.


12 Responses to Sister Ray

  1. ratboyrich says:

    There’s a 23rd show this year???

  2. aporia says:

    why, are you svelte now?

    almost want nothing to do with another 23rd show. but if sister ray is playing that should amp up the vague weirdness to an enjoyable level.

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