Nature walk, urban fox + unpacked

» On saturday I was taken to the Blair Witch Village. That’s not what it’s actually called but it had the homestead from The Village and the woods from Blair Witch. It’s the first time since I’ve been in Ontario that I’ve left the GTA. At any rate it was nice to get out in proper nature and a lot of the woods were less Blair Witch and more Narnia anyway. The only wild life we saw though were snakes and caterpillars. It turns out some people don’t believe snakes make your hands stink until they pick them up. Then they run to the nearest puddle screaming "My hand smell horrible!" I told them what would happen. They didn’t believe me.

» Though I didn’t see any animals in the country, I did see a fox right here in the city. Down by the Humber River.

» I finally have my apartment set up. It was a long process but except for a few minor things I still need to acquire, it’s a done deal. That means nothing that should be out of boxes is still in boxes and nothing out of boxes is just piled up in the corners. I hung my pictures. Done.


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