White Wedding, BF/GF + Press

» Not being much of a drinker anymore, I forgot how to pace myself at the open bar at Jenn and Matt’s wedding party. Or rather, I paced myself according to when I was in top drinking shape. That, combined with staying up until after 3am with Andrew and Stephanie chatting and drinking wine, made for a sunday of laying in bed and watching five episodes of Dexter.  I think part of my downfall was everyone at the table were faces I associated with binge-drinking.

No DJ or dancing at this wedding. Instead they played Rockband on a big screen. Watching people dance at weddings is usually quite humorous but seeing a hall full of dressed-up people watch the backs of people "rock out" with plastic guitars and drums is downright surreal. Maybe there was dancing later. We sort of left early. But not too early. Just I have to leave before I get sloppy drunk and play Rockband early.

» Andrew was uncharacteristically comfortable and boyfriendy-girlfriendy with Stephanie which, once I adjusted to the paradigm shift, was quite touching and made me happy. Yay to people who can make things work.

» It looks like Ampersand Publishing will have a table at the fall Toronto Small Press Book Fair at the Tiki Room (Tranzac) on November 1st. It’s supposed to have a small "party" atmosphere. By "party" I assume they mean awkward standing around with drinks and baked goods on napkins and not glowsticks, dancing and ecstasy.

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