Mowed, delivered and dead.

» Last night I saw a 90 year old woman mowing her lawn. Uphill. She seemed to have it under control.

» This afternoon a 70 year old man delivered 26 boxes of printed reports. He’s been driving delivery trucks in Toronto for 19 years. He just narrowly missed getting a ticket but was able to pull into someone else’s space so some other guy got the ticket. He’s been delivering in Toronto for 19 years and he was pretty sure there was no loading bay in this building. If he hadn’t been able to pull into that person’s space, he’d ahve gotten a ticket too. In his 19 years delivering stuff in Toronto, he’s avoided getting some tickets, boy. He also opened the door that leads to the women’s washroom, just to see if it was locked, in case there was a men’s washroom in there too, and woman came out just as he was trying the door, just to see if it was open, mind you, and he hoped she didn’t think he was trying to break in there because it’d be terrible if she thought he was the type of guy who would be trying to get in there. I told him it was probably okay.

» Metallica released Death Magnetic last week and people went crazy for it. I wasn’t as crazy for it in my podcast.


One Response to Mowed, delivered and dead.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. you seem to attract some “interesting” folks in the run of your day.

    That’s some serious dickcream.

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