Gunfighter, cultural humidity + lethargic humidity

» There’s this asian guy, about mid-forties, who I see on the elevator sometimes. He’s always listening to his iPod and flexes his fingers like a gunfighter just before getting off on his floor. He also stands a bit bow-legged and punches out the beat of whatever he’s listening to with his middle and forefingers pointed towards the floor.

» Nicole and I endured the hellish humidity and slow walking crowds at the Ukrainian and Polish festivals on Sunday. You haven’t heard "Walking On Sunshine" until you’ve heard it in polka, played by Jamaicans. It was all worth seeing the East-Asian Elvis impersonator. His wise-cracking DJ was pretty awesome too. Two guys living the dream.

» I didn’t get enough packing done this weekend. ButI think I’m not in too bad a position to get it squared away before next weekend. And then, of course, I have the week after that to finish up. I just couldn’t get motivated with humidity. I felt like I’d be tranquilized the whole time.


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