Yogurt, boxes + Bachman

» Yogurt Girl has started eating yogurt again. I’m further away from her cubicle now, but the woman in the cubicle beside me has started eating yogurt as well. So I get it from two sides most mornings. Stereo tub-scraping.

» I have to get the bulk of my packing done this weekend. At least all the stuff that’s hiding in closets because I don’t use it. I packed my books last night and was shocked at how many boxes that intailed. I thought I hardly owned any books anymore. I thought wrong. Next weekend I have houseguests and Jenn and Matt’s wedding party. And then the following weekend is the move. Seems like a long way off but I feel like I left this packing to the last minute.

» There’s a Ukrainian Festival this weekend. Randy Bachman is the parade marshal. There’s no word as to what exactly his duties as parade marshal are. Hopefully he’ll be dressed like Sgt. Pepper. Apparently the festival "will include Ukrainian dancers, vocalists, musicians, karate demo’s and even some belly dancers." When I think of the Ukraine, I think of karate and belly dancers.


12 Responses to Yogurt, boxes + Bachman

  1. ydnimyd says:

    Should I ask why you think of karate when you think of Ukraine?

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow. what a dynamic festival that will be. Not to mention, it’s suppose to rain all weekend.

    so what’s the deal? is the festival in my hood or yours?

  3. see_dot_rant says:

    im not sure why but i LOVE that hollow, dull, empty yogurt container noise…

  4. Anonymous says:

    speaking of karate, have you seen king of kong yet? It rocks. bonus points if you can tell me why karate is relevent.

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