& Publishing + Brick

» Here is the new umbrella site (http://amp-pub.tumblr.com) for my vast empire of mediocrity. Or my mediocre empire of entirely awesome. Whichever way you want to look at it. It’s called Ampersand Publishing. Anyway, this will replace some of my many scattered pages which get lost in the clutter of the internet when I forget I’ve made them. This is me attempting to be focussed like a laser.

» This week’s [p]Review Podcast is actually not a preview review at all but an actual review based on actually seeing a film. The film was, as Ken requested, the 2005 teenage detective film Brick. Which I liked a lot more than the review suggests.

4 Responses to & Publishing + Brick

  1. atrophe says:

    i’m pretty sure that’s another movie I recommended ages ago

    I thought that the disconnect between the teenagers and their behavior was crucial to the film, and prevented it from becoming just another teen movie. You could tell they had fun with it like, in the scene with him meeting the godfather character with his mom tinkering around in the background and a chicken-shaped jug of OJ between them.

    The DVD extras really showed what a technical achievement it was too. They had an incredibly modest production that looked like a student film before doing some brilliant work in post. Loved the look of it.

    • mrdapper says:

      It’s certainly integral to what the movie is. But after about half an hour the novelty wore off for me. I think if the lead actor had been as strong as the supporting cast I wouldn’t have noticed. It was really only his monologues that made it seem not so much “art” as “just not working.” Like when they transpose Shakespeare into a contemporary teenage milieu. It’s neat, but doesn’t really work. Even if it’d been 1940’s highschool students, I could have bought it.

      The post-pro was pretty impressive judging by the deleted scenes.

    • mrdapper says:

      I really hated how eccentric they made The Pin too. The cape and cane were just too absurd.

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