Month end, movers, daze off + Apocalypse Watch

» I can’t believe it’s the end of August already. I would almost not believe it except I know I’ve watched full seasons of Heroes and Rome, so a month must have passed. Because watching those, in what feels like a week, would have been insane and a little pathetic. I have a feeling September will see me watching season two of Rome and Dexter. Probably in a week. While I pack.

» I hired a moving company for my move. Tippet-Richardson, the friendly movers. I’m staying in my next apartment until I am able to buy a house.

» I was unaware this is a long weekend coming up. Which is good. I need it. Badly. Actually, I needed it last weekend. But this weekend is fine too. I haven’t had any time off except for long weekends since In started work here so I’m feeling a bit squirrelly. If you consider a squirrel to be an animal which walks around bumping into things, misplaces pens and stares off into space when people are talking to him. Then I’m definitely squirrely.

» Apocalypse Watch: Today’s happy news item. Death Continents. Brought to you by atrophe.


3 Responses to Month end, movers, daze off + Apocalypse Watch

  1. Anonymous says:

    my friend, you sound more like a zombie rather than a squirrel. either way, you need a vacation. Can’t you just take some time off? lordy

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