Easy, stationary, movement + Jebus

»  The Apple Store makes it excessively easy to buy a Nano. Literally walk up to a guy in a blue shirt, say, “I want a red Nano, 8GB.” They grab one out of the back, swipe your credit card and you leave not even having to wait for a reciept to print out because it’s being emailed to you. In and out in 2 minutes. That was the most surreal shopping experience ever. Especially since the store was packed like sardines with people going Apple product berzerk.

» Seems The Phrenologists’ van broke down in Sault Ste Marie. Not sure what the status of the show tomorrow night is. I suppose I should try to get a hold of the Phonemes. **EDIT: Some Facebook stalking has revealed their van is fixed and they’ll be at the show.

» I read an article in Friday’s Toronto Star about dodgy moving company nightmares. I guess It’s time to do some serious research into reputable companies. 

» Finally got around to watching Passion of the Christ last night. Was shocked at how absolutely silly and melodramatic it is. I was under the impression, due to the famous gore and using the original languages, that it was supposed to be a gritty, realistic telling of the story. But instead it’s as stylized, mystical and overwrought a telling as any Jesus flick I’d seen before. Perhaps more so. Even Jesus Christ Superstar has a greater sense of reality and historic accuracy. Passion also caps off with what has to be the cheesiest final shot of any Christ movie. Resurrected Jesus with all his wounds healed, except the holes in his hands. Also, JC comes off as kind of a douchebag through the whole thing. Arrogant and wishy-washy. He kind of had it coming. Fuck you Jesus, you’re a dick. The demon children were pretty awesome though. And Satan’s man-baby. Though it’s a good thing everyone knows the story because if you didn’t, you might be confused about who the pale bald guy is who keeps showing up and just what is he up to anyway? Don’t mind me, just hangin’ out, lookin’ ominous, not really advancing the plot, just here for effect, hey look, scary baby! Anyway. Film provided me with a few giggles.


7 Responses to Easy, stationary, movement + Jebus

  1. Anonymous says:

    what’s the deal on Satan’s man-baby?

  2. Anonymous says:

    BTW, i just noticed the difference between the two puppet user pics. The orginal puppet had a tame, somewhat, normal hairdo. The one you actually received in the mail has hair similar to Animal’s. They must have had another look-see at your photo and thought that the puppet’s hair required an intervention. Just so you know.

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