Doppelganger + movements

» Yesterday my free Muppet me was waiting on the doorstep. I need to find him some smaller glasses, but otherwise he’s pretty rad. Real Art did a pretty good job on the little guy.

» My desk is being moved after I leave tonight. Actually, my desk is staying put, my stuff is being moved. 

» Speaking of moving, this is Nicole’s last weekend in the apartment and next week is her last week. It’s going to be one big lonely apartment after that. I don’t move into my awesome new quiet one-bedroom pad until October (will finally be able to record without busses and cars bleeding through). Nicole’s new place is in the more interesting neighborhood of Roncesvalles.


6 Responses to Doppelganger + movements

  1. Anonymous says:

    i feel better knowing that you have a new little muppet friend to keep you company in my absence. hehe.

  2. bw_inc says:

    wow, that’s frightening… Carrying a doll of yourself. :S

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