Abandonment, unbreakable + rain

Nicole Gauthier “Abandonment”
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» New Release Tuesday: I’m proud to announce the release of Nicole’s CD Abandonment. “Haunted with naked honesty, Abandonment is the debut album from Toronto singer/songwriter Nicole Gauthier. 14 songs of love, loss, death and renewal.” Available, of course, at the Arachnidiscs store. Listen to “Growing Forward” on the Arachnidiscs Myspace page.

» The war going on below my knees with my Docs continues. They refuse to be broken. Though the back of my heels have won their battle, the shoes are striking back with blisters on the sides. I will be victorious though. These shoes will obey me.

» Toronto is excessively damp these days. Either raining or just humid. Often both. I can’t decide if I liked BC rain better. It’s certainly more comfortable. But the intensity of Ontario rain is spectacular in way BC rain rarely is. I suppose I can be a fan of both.

3 Responses to Abandonment, unbreakable + rain

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the shout out.

    and i thought that Docs were suppose to be thereapeutic shoes? mercy

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