Unbroken, slab + release

Muzzy 2
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» My new Docs are killing my heels. These shoes are resisting being broken-in. I need the services of a shoe whisperer.

» Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the release of the Chief Drinking Water Inspector’s annual report. We ate pizza and slab cake. And then drank really tart coffee in hopes of disolving the petroleum product frosting.

» New release tuesday… was yesterday. I updated the Arachnidiscs store to suit. A new Urbane Decay EP. Abandonment , the debut album from Nicole Gauthier, should be released two new release tuesdays from yesterday.

4 Responses to Unbroken, slab + release

  1. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA – the shoe whisperer. What you really need are some kick-ass, no-dicking-around-heavyweight bandaids to slap on those heels of yours. word.

  2. I have thought about buying Docs, but the sole (!) reason I haven’t is my dread of the breaking-in period.

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