Retract, contract + ear tract

» Apparently the BC Climate Action Dividend us new Ontarians received was a clerical error and we’ll be forced to pay it back next tax season. Which doesn’t seem fair to me. But not unexpected.
» Better news though: I’ve been offered an actual contract with the Ministry of the Environment. So no more being “just a temp” and a second-class citizen of the 19th floor. I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe in time I’ll actually be made a permanent employee? One can dream their civil service dreams.
» I finally bought new ear-buds. Proper Skull Candy ones (apparently prone to breaking, we’ll see) that seal off the ear-canal. Now I only ever turn my MP3 player up to a maximum of 2 whereas I was on average cranking it somewhere between 14 and 18. Also, nattering idiots on the subway are entirely blocked-out from my hearing. Delightful. I suppose I am in greater danger of walking front of a bus or car. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


6 Responses to Retract, contract + ear tract

  1. ydnimyd says:

    Congrats on the contract!

  2. ghosty_toast says:

    from all the coverage that i read in the newspaper every morning it was my understanding that every bc resident that did their 2006 taxes and onward received a cheque. hence why i didn’t get mine, because i did neither.
    anyways, shitty deal.

  3. I Love my Skullcandy Earbuds. They have eliminated the ringing in my ears that I used to get – either from having my music way too loud or from the screeching subways. My only beef is that they’re not marked Left or Right.

    • mrdapper says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the ringing anymore either. I think it was from the screeching subways and just the EXTREME AMOUNT OF AMBIENT NOISE in Toronto. I don’t speak much so my voice is rather weak and whenever I speak to someone on the street, it starts to go hoarse because (in relative terms) I’m yelling.

      And dammit! Jimmy Page is supposed to be on the left! Gotta switch these ears again… gah!

      • I agree, the amount of noise pollution is deafening, but it turns into a constant hum that your forget about until you notice it’s gone. I have been know to ride transit with them in but not turned on, the silence is a refreshing change.

      • mrdapper says:

        Before buying these, I was considering wearing earplugs on the TTC, but didn’t really want to give up the music. Now it’s the best of both worlds!

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