Docs’n’Cons + nanobots

» Bought myself two pairs of shoes yesterday. Doc Martens and some red Chucks. They guy at the store took pleasure in tossing my blown-out slippers in the trash-can outside the store.

» Electronic devices seem to be failing and then repairing themselves around me. The CD drive in my work PC has suddenly decided to start functioning again. For a while it kept spitting post-it notes until it stopped reading discs at all. I guess I finally cleared the sticky-gunge off the lens by repeatedly inserting discs in hopes it would magically work. Which it does now. Also my MP3 player went haywire last week. I’d turn it on and the start-up screen would show up fractured and in mirror writing. Then the display would shut off completely and it’d play the first folder only. Changing the batteries and taking the memory card out didn’t help. After a day and a half, it simply went back to operating as normal. I suspect there’s nanobots in play here.

One Response to Docs’n’Cons + nanobots

  1. ydnimyd says:

    How weird, my iPod was doing that yesterday. I plugged it into my radio, and it started working fine. Must be something in the air.

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