Lights, Climate, Action

» Even though I’ve been living in Ontario since September,  British Columbia wants me to take Climate Action. So they sent me a $100 Climate Action Dividend to do so. I guess I spent it on my transit pass. Thanks, BC! 

Nicole got one too and she’s been here for over a year. I guess BC suddenly has too much money. I assume there must be an election coming up back home because this is the stupidest way to fight climate change ever. I don’t see how people having an extra $100 to put gas in their car is going to help. 


4 Responses to Lights, Climate, Action

  1. ratboyrich says:

    I donated mine to NALT. Stupid BC Liberals trying to buy my vote.

  2. i like how the cheque stub said “best regards, premier gordon campbell”. what gall.

    the radio ad about the carbon tax is even worse – something about how they are legislated to return all the money to people through other means. if you’re going to take it, why not use it on something that would benefit people/the environment? like retrofitting houses or grants for solar panels or making bike lanes or something. anyway, as long as we’re taking action, right? i hate politics.

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