Sigur + Yogurt

» Sigur Ros’s með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust reviewed based not on 30-second iTunes previews but the streaming audio from their site. 

It’s too hard to decipher the track names so I’m not going to bother with a track-by-track. Overall the first few songs are exuberantly happy and sound a bit like Arcade Fire (the listener can decide if that’s a good or bad thing). Then they get sad again and sound like a more organic version of their previous albums. Pretty much the same as the unplugged versions of their “hits” from hvarf-heim. Oddly, it  doesn’t sound overly stagnant. Despite being really more of their standard formula (i.e. quiet and sad – a building sense of defiance – a triumphant  climax – a light and melancholy denouement). Perhaps because they’ve somehow managed to make their music even prettier yet slightly less otherworldly. It’s a little more human and less the product of aliens and angels. Though the trademark faerieland falsetto still shows up in almost every track. The final third of the album strips itself down to voice and a few accompanying instruments (piano or guitar and a few strings) ending on the nearly comatose track “All Alright” which is sung in english, actually. And the lyrics about as bleak as you always assumed their icelandic lyrics are. But you might as well just listen to it at the above link. Why did I bother reviewing this?

» At some point Yogurt Girl stopped eating yogurt. Just noticed this now. I think it’s been months since I’ve heard her slurping away. She is, though, re-capping last night’s So You Think You Can Dance? Loudly.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    it is so irritating when people talk about TV shows as if these contrived stories actually happen and matter to them. I wish people would turn off their TV’s and have actual adventures that are worth talking about. BOO to the boob tube

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