Spritualized Songs in A&E reviewed based on 30 second iTunes previews.

» Been waiting a while for this one to come out. My plans to pick it up at lunch might be changed based on this preview.


Harmony 1: typical shimmery ambient intro.
Sweet Talk: Wow. J. Spaceman’s voice has matured a lot. Kind of like Peter Gabriel doing Van Morrison. Hmmm.
Death Take Your Fiddle: A hill-billy folksong with creepy weezy/whispered background vocal.
I Gotta Fire: Stonesy. Wah-wah pedal. Acoustic guitar. Strained vocals. 1-4-5 chord progression. Hrrm.
Soul on Fire: Sounds like The Verve. Specifically that big hit of theirs from ten years ago. Getting a bad feeling about this.
Harmony 2: Pointless piano noodling interlude.
Sitting on Fire: Folky song with chimey sounds. Kind of nice. Cheasy lyrics.
Yeah Yeah: Garagey. Fuzz and tremolo. A bit more reassuring. This one sounds more like Spiritualized due to the fact it sounds a bit like BMRC.
You Lie You Cheat: More washed out and distorted but still not in the bombastic way songs like “Electricty” were. More like the fuzz was put on top to obscure the song is mediocre. Sounds like digital fuzz too.
Harmony 3: 18 seconds of choir boys.
Baby I’m Just a Fool: Velvet Undergroundy two chord vamp with kalimba.
Don’t Hold Me Close: Now this is more like it. Not spectacular but has that opiated Spiritualized sound at least. Might be rehashing old ideas, but one of J. Spaceman’s best ideas at least.
Harmony 4: Bad squeaky violin / piano interlude.
The Waves Crash In: Baroque folk. Strings and chimes. Again a little more a return to form.
Harmony 5: Accordion and chimes. Why bother with these interludes?
Borrowed Your Gun: More strings. Lastf ew songs have been like Spiritualized unplugged. Too bad more of the album isn’t like this.
Harmony 6: Reverb, glockenspiel.
Goodnight goodnight: Acoustic ballad closer. Morose and slow. Pretty good. But too little too late.


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