Commute 2

» Today was one of those days where someone jumps (or gets pushed) in front of a train at High Park and they stop service at Keele station. They provide a shuttle bus-service but no one can get to the buses because there’s literally over a thousand people on the platform unable to move, much less get down the stairs. Then those that got down the stairs are told go back up because service is about resume. But there is no one up at track level to tell the people trying to get down the stairs that service is about to resume so there was a moment of chaos where two opposing forces clashed and I was pretty sure a riot was about to erupt. But, due to a train arriving just in time, it didn’t. Instead we got on he next train.


9 Responses to Commute 2

  1. that’s too damn efficient for its own good.

  2. atrophe says:

    someone told me that there’s way more jumpers than anyone officially discloses. kind of like at capilano suspension bridge.

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